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  • I was born on March 23
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  • FinalWholockianGrrlGamer

    June 1 – Carmel, IN
    July 8 – Costa Mesa, CA
    July 10 – San Diego, CA
    July 11 – Paso Robles, CA
    July 12 – Napa, CA
    July 13 – Saratoga, CA
    July 14 – Jacksonville, OR
    July 17 – Vienna, VA
    July 18 – Portsmouth, NH
    July 19 – Reading, PA
    July 20 – Chautauqua, NY
    July 21 – Cohasset, MA
    July 22 – Hyannis, MA
    July 23 (matinee) – Ocean City, NJ
    July 24 (evening) – Ocean City, NJ
    July 24 – Selbyville, DE

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  • FinalWholockianGrrlGamer

    I'm making a YouTube playlist for every show of which I could find videos.  When possible, I've made separate playlists for matinee and evening shows on the same date; but a lot of people don't include that information in their description, so I can only work with what I have.  If a date doesn't have a link on it, that means I couldn't find any videos from that show.

    October 27 – Verona, NY

    October 28 – Providence, RI

    October 29 (two shows) – Wilmington, DE

    October 30 – Richmond, VA

    November 1 – Norfolk, VA

    November 2 – Washington, D.C.

    November 3 – Rochester, NY

    November 4 – Easton, PA

    November 5 – Collingswood, NJ

    November 8 – Chattanooga, TN

    November 9 – Durham, NC

    November 10 – North Charleston, SC

    November 11 – Biloxi, MS

    November 12 – Augusta, GA


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  • FinalWholockianGrrlGamer

    We all have our favorite guys in the group, and we all have our list of favorite songs.  I wanted to talk about my favorite songs, in terms of how well they showcase each individual member.  I included Don, as well, even though he won't be with the group anymore.

    Let's start with the basses, shall we?  The first thing I'm going to do is immediately break my only rule and do a favorite song for both of them together, instead of one for each, since most of the songs that showcase one bass showcase them both.  Their have been a few notable basslove songs, the most well-known of which is definitely "All About That Bass".  "All About That Bass" is definitely one of my favorites, but to be honest, my favorite thing about it is what the tenors are…

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  • FinalWholockianGrrlGamer

    Straight No Chaser has a new album to be released October 28th!  And a Christmas album, no less! More details at their official website ❤️

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